Perforce has announced several new collaboration features for Git Fusion, Commons and Insights.

Perforce Git Fusion 2013.3: Additional Support for Git Management
Git Fusion enables Git and Perforce developers to work side-by-side on the same codebase, using their tools and workflow of choice. The latest release offers new features that benefit both developers and admins:
• Support for Git Submodules: Store, re-create, and propagate changes in included Git submodules across all of your Git Fusion instances
• Stream-based Git Repos: Git users can merge between Git branches from both Perforce Streams and non-Streams views
• Fine-grained Read-access Control: Git Fusion will respect ‘read’ permissions defined in your protections table for git pull and git clone

Perforce Commons 2013.6: Document Collaboration Syncs with Dropbox
Perforce Commons, a document collaboration solution, now integrates with Dropbox. You can sync your files across devices while you are working on them by linking your Perforce Commons account directly to your Dropbox account. When you are done editing, you can store them back in Commons via Dropbox. File Valet will put files in the right place and help you manage the collaboration process.

Perforce Insights 2013.3: Easier Data Integration for Perforce Analytics
Perforce Insights gives you vital information about how your projects, code lines and teams are performing. This release adds a new web interface for managing data imports. With the new interface, administrators can:
• Initialize from Perforce Checkpoint: Initialize the Insights database with data from a Perforce checkpoint and monitor its progress
• Continuously Import Perforce Data: Control and monitor the continuous import of Perforce data into your Insights database
• Monitor Import Status: See the history of data imports into the database since Insights was last started