Software analytics company New Relic, Inc. announced today a set of new features across the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud that offer IT operations teams increased visibility, and the ability to diagnose and resolve performance problems quickly. The new features announced today further IT operations teams’ ability to leverage data and analytics, as well as drive collaboration and a common, shared understanding between teams.

Software teams are under pressure to resolve performance issues quickly and improve availability, as the complexity of software architectures they manage ranges from more traditional on-premises IT systems to those now including public cloud. The New Relic Software Analytics Cloud provides a comprehensive monitoring platform allowing software teams to work together to monitor from different perspectives for any technology stack. For IT operations this includes proactively monitoring and identifying issues that may impact the performance of critical applications, understanding which customers may be impacted, and enabling them to collaborate with developers and DevOps teams to address an issue.

“The New Relic Software Analytics Cloud was developed with the belief that sharing data between development and operations teams also drives a shared understanding by removing subjectivity, enabling clearer accountability and fundamentally changing the way teams interact and collaborate,” said Bharath Gowda, Senior Director, Product Marketing, New Relic. “These new features for New Relic APM, New Relic Synthetics, and New Relic Browser provide even more comprehensive data and analytics capabilities for not only the technical stack, but also the customer experience, which can empower software teams to build and run high quality software with less risk.”

Generally available today, these features include:

New Relic APM

  • Increased Visibility within Service Maps. IT operations teams now can easily and quickly understand how the performance of a single service node is impacting the entire system without leaving the Service Map. With a single click, an inline chart appears for that node, allowing the team member to see key performance metrics, as they begin their investigation.

New Relic Synthetics

  • New Public Locations. With five additional locations, New Relic has expanded the geographic footprint customers can run synthetics scripts to monitor and test their site across the United States and Europe.
  • Private Locations, Now Generally Available. Announced at FutureStack15, Private Locations allow operations teams to run synthetics scripts from any location by installing an appliance to monitor:
    • Internal applications hosted behind a firewall.
    • Performance close to the company’s major markets or customers.
  • New REST API. New testing and deployment workflows are now possible with the release of the new Synthetics API, allowing monitors to be automatically updated as part of a build pipeline for a more integrated application release process. The new API can also be used to better manage thousands of monitors at production scale, with programmatic control to quickly and easily setup, configure, and manage monitors across application portfolios.

New Relic Browser

  • Filterable Geography Now Generally Available. First demonstrated at FutureStack15, New Relic’s analytics engine is now embedded within New Relic Browser, and powers an interactive global map that enables IT operations professionals to:
    • Filter data by Page URL, ASN Organization/Internet Service Provider, Browser Type, User Agent Operating System, Session, and more.
    • Graphically view high-traffic areas at the country, region, or city level.
    • View network timing data, including DNS Lookup Duration, Connection Establishment Duration, and Secure Handshake Duration.

Pricing and Availability
With the exception of New Relic Synthetics Private Locations, the capabilities announced today are generally available to paying New Relic customers. New Relic Synthetics Private Locations is available for $1000/month to monitor unlimited private locations.