Today, New Relic announced the release of real user monitoring as part of its core SaaS application performance management offering. Effective immediately, all New Relic users will have free access to the new capability. Now, with over 10,000 active accounts reporting over 6 billion performance metrics per day, New Relic is the single, all-in-one performance analytics product that allows businesses to manage and monitor web application performance from the browser to the line of code.  
News Highlights
New Relic Real User Monitoring measures key front-end metrics from the moment a user request is initiated in the app, to the final loading of the resulting web page. It is one of the first commercial implementations of technology built on the Episodes framework for measuring web page load times developed by Steve Souders, the author of High Performance Web Sites.

For each page request, New Relic captures network time, time in the application itself, and time spent rendering the web page. It also tracks the type and version of browser, operating system and geographic location of the user.

Development and operations teams can now gain valuable, real-time insight into browser response time and measure user satisfaction from both the end-user and application perspectives, as well as determine if performance bottlenecks are located in the front-end, the application, or connected systems.

New Relic Real User Monitoring is fully integrated with New Relic’s existing application performance management technology, offering a complete view of application performance in a single user interface that is easy to understand and use.

Availability & Pricing
New Relic Real User Monitoring is available today and the capability is automatically included in all New Relic editions at no extra cost.  Customers need to simply upgrade their agent to the latest release