Software analytics leader New Relic, Inc. announced today new support for the next generation of web applications built with current and future single-page application (SPA) frameworks and libraries. With New Relic Browser, application developers and DevOps teams will now have deeper understanding of the performance and customer experience of their modern web applications and better realize the benefits of moving to this new software architecture. In combination with New Relic APM, the enhanced New Relic Browser monitoring for SPAs will allow customers to have end-to-end visibility of their application’s performance, from the front-end to the services it is running on.

As companies invest in digital experiences that engage their customers, SPAs have emerged as a way to offer a more responsive and engaging user experience without requiring a full page reload to retrieve a new web page or content. New Relic Browser’s new enhanced SPA support offers customers expanded capabilities to allow them to monitor any SPA with:

  • Framework-agnostic instrumentation that allows monitoring of any JavaScript framework of choice, including Angular, React, Ember, Backbone, or even custom frameworks, and;
  • Reporting on SPA route-change performance by enabling software teams to track the transition of how the user went from one view to another view, alongside traditional page load performance, with component-level data that can be customized to create fully personalized SPA reporting.

Building on New Relic Browser’s existing JavaScript errors and AJAX performance monitoring capabilities, route-change data will be incorporated throughout New Relic Browser so customers have a more complete picture of their SPAs performance. Additionally, all SPA application data is fully reportable and queryable by New Relic Insights for deeper investigation and real-time dashboarding.

Supporting Quotes
“Every company is investing in the creation of engaging digital experiences for their customers and single-page applications have proven to be an attractive path to achieving this goal,” said Patrick Lightbody, senior vice president, product management, New Relic. “By designing a solution that is framework agnostic, New Relic is enabling customers to understand the performance of all their web applications in a consolidated view, while using their framework of choice.”

“Bionic’s platform enables marketers to build dynamic, multi-channel digital media plans for their customers. The use of single-page applications allow us to deliver a seamless workflow for our customers, but were a black box for us in being able to pinpoint performance issues,” said John Swindell, vice president, operations, Bionic Advertising Systems. “New Relic Browser’s support for single-page applications is key to what we’re doing at Bionic and implementing it within our application was very easy. We now have insight into the performance of route changes in the application allowing us to optimize and ultimately create the best end-user experience.”

Availability and Resources
New Relic’s enhanced monitoring for SPAs is available today in private beta and is expected to be available to paying New Relic Browser customers later this year. New Relic’s SPA monitoring will require the latest New Relic JavaScript Agent.

To learn more how New Relic Browser can help you monitor your single-page applications, there will be a webinar on August 11. Pre-registration is available now.