LogiGear expands its TestArchitect product line to include test automation tools specifically for mobile and Windows-based applications. TestArchitect Professional is an economical test automation solution for testing Windows-based applications. TestArchitect Mobile Plus offers Windows-based application testing plus mobile testing, and TestArchitect Enterprise offers Windows, web, cloud and mobile testing capability and is completely customizable. TestArchitect Enterprise and TestArchitect Mobile Plus include support for iOS and Android phones and tablets, with both web and hybrid app testing capability for all testing needs, from mobile to desktop to cloud-based applications.

Additional productivity-enhancing features include name refactoring and just-in-time compilation. Name refactoring reduces the amount of time required for test case maintenance by making it possible to automatically update test case suites whenever a test entity, such as a test module, test case, or action name, is changed. Just-in-time compilation takes advantage of proprietary test client and automation engine architecture to significantly increase test execution performance. A plugin for Eclipse® is now available to view settings, variables, and other information while creating, executing, and debugging custom actions in TestArchitect.

“The expanded TestArchitect product line provides companies with a choice of features and price points for their specific software testing needs” commented Hung Nguyen, CEO of LogiGear. “The productivity enhancements further simplify and speed-up test creation and test adaptation to keep up with the high rate of change.”

As a direct result of LogiGear’s close partnership with Microsoft, TestArchitect Enterprise integrates with Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) to be used as an ALM-based test repository for sharing test data among all team members.

For more information on TestArchitect, visit http://www.TestArchitect.com. For more about all LogiGear services and solutions, visit http://www.LogiGear.com.