Devart announced a new extended version of dbForge SQL Complete, a powerful SQL Server Management Studio add-in that introduces extended SQL code autocomplete and formatting for fastest writing SQL statements.

dbForge SQL Complete 2.0 will bring SQL Server database developers and DBAs around the world new speed in writing SQL statements to increase efficiency and code quality.

dbForge SQL Complete 2.0 Technical Advancements
Close collaboration with SQL Server database developers and DBAs resulted in the following new features:
•    Working with large scripts
•    dbForge SQL Complete 2.0 provides sql code completion and formatting in scripts of any size. The first version supported the script size up to 150 000 symbols.
•    Expanding a list of columns
•    Users can replace the * asterisk symbol with the list of columns from the required table or view on pressing the Tab key.
•    Suggesting methods for columns and variables
•    dbForge SQL Complete suggests methods for columns and variables of varchar(max), nvarchar(max), varbinary(max), and xml data types.
•    Extended support for statements
•    dbForge SQL Complete fully supports such statements as CREATE (for table, view, procedure, and function), EXEC, PRINT, and TRUNCATE TABLE. When TRUNCATE TABLE statement is used in a query, the tool suggests a list of databases, schemas, and tables.
•    Suggesting conditions for JOIN statements
•    dbForge SQL Complete can suggest a full statement based on foreign keys, or it can prompt conditions based on column names.
•    Automatic alias generation
•    The tool can generate an alias for each table object (table, view, stored procedure, function, synonym) in the FROM list of SQL document automatically.
•    Inserting column names with prefixes
•    dbForge SQL Complete can insert column names with the name of table, schema, and database it belongs to.
•    Sorting keywords by relevance
•    Keywords are sorted by relevance in the suggestion list.
•    Expanded support for Transact-SQL statements
•    SQL Complete supports: DECLARE statements for local variables, cursor variables, and table definitions; cursors (declared with the help of DECLARE CURSOR statements) in OPEN, CLOSE, DEALLOCATE statements; context for such control-of-flow and T-SQL statements as BEGIN…END, GOTO, IF…ELSE, RETURN, BREAK, CONTINUE, WHILE, WAITFOR, TRY…CATCH, CASE, RAISERROR.
•    Suggesting collations, data types, XML schema collections, and languages
•    dbForge SQL Complete can suggest collations, XML schema collections, languages and data types when writing SQL statements. For example, when creating columns in a table, dbForge SQL Complete will suggest possible data types for it, including user-defined types.

Pricing and Availability
dbForge SQL Complete now comes in two editions to better cater for the needs of SQL database developers and DBAs. They can select a free Express edition to get free intellisense, or the Standard edition, which is available for a price of $49.95, to have surpassing sql code completion and formatting.

Users are welcome to write any comments and suggestions about dbForge SQL Complete on its support page —