Telerik, an end-to-end provider of application development tools and solutions for building and analyzing cross-platform and mobile applications, today announced the Q3 release of its leading .NET development tools suite. The new release delivers significant mobile, cloud and cross-platform enhancements, and analytics, to its 1M-strong developer community, serving more than 130,000 customers in 94 countries. This release provides a major competitive edge to developers who want to maximize the reach of their applications.

“This innovative DevTools release sets a new standard for developers looking to deliver consistent, high-quality applications across platforms with ease,” said Chris Sells, Vice President, DevTools division, Telerik. “DevTools continues to provide the ultimate .NET development experience, but with this update, has extended far beyond, offering incredible flexibility in meeting the exacting needs of users that demand applications delivered according to their platform and mobile requirements.”

(More news from Telerik: Telerik’s Icenium now integrates with Visual Studio)

Analytics-based development
Historically, developers have been working with little-to-no feedback from the end-user on the ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ of their applications. With the Q3 release, Telerik now offers integrated analytics in its WPF and Silverlight controls leveraging the EQATEC Application Analytics platform. Developers can now refine their efforts by leveraging important data such as application interactions, crash reports and feature usage and can improve usability of their most important applications.

Cloud capabilities
As the cloud advances within the enterprise, it is imperative to leverage the technology not only within the IT infrastructure but also for development and personal data usage and storage. Being able to share application architectures between multiple clients is vital and Telerik understands this. That is why, with the Q3 release, the company’s Backend as a Service (BaaS) offering, Everlive, is now integrated into its RadControls for Windows Phone. Dubbed “Telerik Cloud Components,” the tools available for Windows Phone support multiple scenarios such as user registration and login, picture upload, browsing, sharing and more, straight out-of-the-box.

In addition to the Q3 release offerings for Windows Phone, Telerik released the RadCloudUpload control, its first component to enable ASP.NET developers to upload files for use with Amazon S3, Windows Azure, or Everlive without writing a line of code.

Cross-platform enhancements
Today’s market is BYOD focused, making cross-platform development essential to any successful implementation. That is why Telerik has fully-integrated its award-winning hybrid mobile app development platform—Icenium—within the DevCraft Ultimate collection, with the Q3 release. This enables its core .NET developer community to create and deploy iOS and Android mobile applications, within the IDE of their choosing; including Visual Studio via the Icenium Visual Studio extension.

With the Q3 release, Telerik is also improving cross-platform needs for ASP.NET developers with the addition of Telerik’s component for Lightbox for easy image and template displays, as well as Telerik’s component for MediaPlayer, providing rich video and audio playback in HTML5 capable browsers. The RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX suite improves on its lightweight rendering that is ideal for mobile and cross platform applications that target HTML5-complaint browsers and devices.

Additional enhancements include:
• A radial menu for Windows 8 HTML and XAML
• A scheduler for Windows 8 HTML
• A Pinterest-like RadDataBoundListBox and RadCloudCalendar for Windows Phone
• RadSpreadsheet control for WPF and Silverlight as well as an Office 2013 theme
• Enhanced JustCode Test Runner, JustTrace line-level profiling, Leak analysis in JustTrace and instrumentation of DLL- import methods in JustMock
• Support for Visual Studio 2013

The Q3 update is currently available. For details, please go to The company will also host Webinar Week starting on October 28 where attendees will have the opportunity to view the tools first hand. To register, please go to