Telerik® today released three new modules as part of the Telerik Platform, the only end-to-end mobile development platform combining rich UI tools and cloud services enabling developers to build compelling apps, regardless of screen, operating system, device or technology. The Telerik Platform now comes with AppPrototyper for designing and prototyping mobile apps, AppManager for easier corporate deployment of internal enterprise apps and AppFeedback, for gathering real-time user feedback. In addition, with the new release, supports building Windows Phone 8 hybrid apps and developers can easily connect mobile apps to MS SQL, MySQL and Oracle® databases with pre-built enterprise connectors.
“To create a successful app, developers need to immerse themselves in the user experience. They need to listen and increase the speed in which they iterate. The Telerik Platform was built to address this exact need,” says Todd Anglin, Executive Vice President, Product Strategy, Telerik. “It provides developers a single platform to address the complexities of the software development lifecycle, and does so across devices and operating systems, regardless of approach preferences. The latest advancements to the Telerik Platform bring this capability to a new level with integrated app design, real-time user feedback, as well as the ability to embrace the data you already have quickly and effectively.”
With the newest advancements to the Telerik Platform, developers now have the tools necessary to prototype, test and receive real-time feedback on apps, before deployment to the most popular app stores. All three modules enhance key stages of the app lifecycle, ever important given the increasing pace of new mobile app development and deployment. At the same time, user experience must be a central consideration in the design and development of any successful app. The ability to listen and adapt to market needs and changes is critical, and Telerik Platform now makes this possible in more ways.

New to Telerik Platform:
• AppPrototyper – An integrated prototyping tool to streamline app design for mobile developers and designers by providing the ability to create and easily collaborate on low and high fidelity mobile app prototypes
• AppManager – An app distribution and management solution that simplifies internal app distribution to end users and testers
• AppFeedback – Offers the ability to gather and directly integrate customer feedback into the mobile development process—in real-time—versus post-deployment data collection, enabling faster and better informed iteration and release
In addition to the new modules outlined above, Telerik is also releasing new connectors for MS SQL, MySQL and Oracle Database. These connectors vastly improve the ability to mobilize existing data sets without tapping directly into the database with multiple device points. The backend services provided by the Telerik Platform offer a single connection and access to all of the pre-built APIs inherent in the platform. The end result—seamless access to data already available, with the speed and agility needed for today’s mobile marketplace.
Also new in this release is the support for developing Windows Phone 8 hybrid applications, which compliments the already existing support for iOS and Android. Now Telerik Platform developers can build apps for all major mobile platforms with a single HTML, CSS and JavaScript codebase. For more information on the latest advancements to the Telerik Platform, please view, “7 Steps to a Successful Mobile Deployment.”