Accusoft, the leading provider of document, content and imaging solutions, announces the release of ImageGear for .NET and ImageGear for Silverlight v20. New features include Microsoft Office support, ASP.NET enhancements for HTML5 development, new DICOM MPR components, updated Adobe PDF support and more.

Many organizations that have created desktop applications are now looking to create web and mobile applications. Using the new ASP.NET HTML5 functionality applications, these organizations, can now create true Zero Footprint web based and mobile applications. The ASP.NET HTML5 controls can be used to display images and thumbnails of over 100 different file formats including Microsoft Office formats and PDF files.

Image capture and conversion applications can take advantage of the new PDF/A support to create valid PDF/A files with captured image data for long term document archival. Other file format enhancements include speed enhanced JPEG 2000 support and the addition of SVG file support.

Using ImageGear for .NET, applications can now read, update or delete a file’s metadata information without decompressing the image data, thereby saving time and money. Companies can remove personal GeoTag information from millions of camera phone images faster without the requirement to open and resave image data.

In April 2012, Cloud capture technology was released for both the .NET and Silverlight platforms to enable full scanner control through a web service.

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