AdaCore has introduced a new source code analyzer that detects runtime and logic errors in Ada programs to help eliminate bugs and vulnerabilities. Developed by AdaCore in partnership with SofCheck, CodePeer can be used either as a standalone tool or fully integrated into AdaCore’s GNAT Pro development environment. The analyzer runs on Linux, Solaris and Windows workstations.

ComponentOne has merged its three standalone SharePoint developer products—Chart, Grid and Map Web Parts—into a single suite. ComponentOne Studio for SharePoint 2010 gives the Web Parts a consistent design experience and end-user look-and-feel. The release also adds new features: Users can point, click, and connect to SharePoint Server lists, Microsoft SQL Server databases, Oracle databases, and Microsoft Office Excel files as a data source to display data sets, chart data, and map locations.

The Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute celebrated its 25th anniversary as a federally funded research and development center. SEI’s best-known project is CMMI, the Capability Maturity Model Integration methodology, but the organization is also home to CERT, the Computer Emergency Response Team. SEI also has research programs into software product lines and software architecture.

iTKO has updated its application quality assurance suite. The LISA 5.0 release adds a new visual modeling user interface, improved transparency to trace errors end-to-end across complex architectures, and faster defect resolution through improved collaboration. The software also adds new support for Internet-based RIAs, such as those built using ActiveX, AJAX, Flash, Flex and Java Swing.

McObject is offering a Java Native Interface for its eXtremeDB in-memory real-time database software. The key benefit of the Java interface is that Java applications can leverage the speed of a compiled C++ database system, with response time measured in microseconds, said the company.

Nevron Software has updated its Windows component suite, .NET Vision 2010 Vol. 1. The release adds vector export capabilities to EMF, Flash, PDF and Silverlight formats. It also leverages multicore processors and can embed WinForm controls. It has also been extended to provide built-in support for the visualization of large data sets. The suite works with Visual Studio 2005 and 2008.

Microsoft’s general counsel, Brad Smith, has proposed the Cloud Computing Advancement Act, a set of legislation that he said would protect privacy and promote security on the Internet. The proposal, which the company is lobbying the U.S. government to enact, would update the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 to make it harder for the government to request customer data from service providers.

Instantiations has upgraded its AJAX-based Java graphical user interface builder. GWT Designer 7.3 stays in sync with the major new release of the open-source GWT version 2.0, adding support for the new GWT 2.0 Development Mode, Layout Panels, Widgets and more. This new release of GWT Designer supports Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, and is offered for an annual subscription of US$79/seat.

Progress Software has updated its OpenEdge SaaS platform to offer greater user-interface flexibility. Productivity enhancements center on the platform’s integrated development environment, OpenEdge Architect, and focus on reducing the time required to develop applications that can simultaneously deploy through multiple UIs, such as through browsers and mobile devices.

BlueFinity has extended its Solution Objects software to support Silverlight applications. Solution Objects lets .NET developers create data-aware business objects-based access layers to multi-value databases, and it now can generate access layers that are able to run within the Silverlight browser environment. This means that Silverlight applications are able to access multi-value data via industry-standard interfaces using Silverlight’s native data-binding methods.

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