Monotype Imaging has introduced Web Fonts API, letting developers integrate’s Web fonts into Web applications. Monotype is also offering font plug-ins for the Drupal, Joomla and WordPress content-management systems.

Perforce has introduced P4Scout, a new Android application, at no cost from the Android Market. It gives developers, managers and administrators mobile access to information about server status, pending issues, and work recently checked into the Perforce server.

Canam Software Labs has released XML Thunder Lite, a free tool that converts COBOL COPYBOOKs or C data structures to SOAP, XML or XSD, and vice versa. This is a subset of XML Thunder, the company’s commercial product that also generates the complete COBOL or C program logic to XML or SOAP messages.

Xtreme Chart Pro for Windows is a new reusable component from Codejock Software. The component includes Chart Builder, an application that allows a chart to be built using the WYSIWYG designer and then to be loaded into the chart, and a new Flow Graph control, which is used to display relationship graphs. The Xtreme Chart Pro supports zooming and scrolling, secondary axes, multiple diagrams and markup titles.

AppDynamics is offering a new API for extending end-to-end application visibility. The API, called Visibility-360, lets third-party tools integrate with the company’s AppDynamics 3.0 performance management suite. The first tool certified with new API is Coradiant, a Web application performance system.

NetAdvantage Ultimate 2010 Volume 3, a component suite from Infragistics, includes all four of the company’s user interface control sets for Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF and Silverlight, plus data-visualization UI control sets for WPF and Silverlight. This component suite update brings Office 2010 styling to applications running on all Microsoft platforms.

Accusoft Pegasus has released ImageGear for Silverlight 18. Built with Silverlight 4, the product update adds complete printing functionality, TWAIN scanning controls, new annotations types, enhanced mouse handling and display optimizations for improved image storage. Users can now print images directly from Silverlight applications, with complete control over the print layout, and can acquire images from TWAIN scanners when running locally.

ModelRight 3.6, a software modeling system from ModelRight, focuses on improvements to diagramming, model subsets, its model explorer interface, and search/find capabilities. It also adds the ability to maintain a list of revision notes on any object to document the changes to the object over time, and can automatically add a revision note whenever an object changes. In addition, UML class diagram notation has been added as one of the model notation options. The software costs between US$295 and $895 per seat, depending on features included.

A new Visual Studio integration package and Mylyn plug-in has been added to a software configuration management package from Codice. Plastic SCM 3.0.6 now can integrate SCM functions with Visual Studio, while the new Mylyn integration helps users manage overlapping changes and extends the open-source task manager’s SCM functionality.

AdaCore has released GNAT Programming Studio 5.0, its integrated development environment for Ada. This new release improves support for C and C++, more powerful source editing, and integration of GNATstack, a static analysis tool that determines a program’s maximum stack requirements. Other enhancements are more accurate and complete source navigation using a new cross reference engine, better outlining and indentation, and navigation through #include directives.

Charles Phillips, the former president of Oracle, has been named CEO of Infor, which sells enterprise resource planning applications that compete against Oracle software. Phillips left Oracle to make room for Mark Hurd, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

Gary Kovacs has been named the new CEO of Mozilla, the open-source foundation behind the Firefox browser. He previously served as senior vice president of markets, solution and products at Sybase (through its acquisition by SAP); before that, he held posts at Adobe, IBM and Macromedia. Kovacs replaces John Lilly, who left to join a venture capital fund.