ActiveState, maker of the ActivePython IDE, has launched its Python Package Manager Index (PyPM Index) to give developers a more complete picture of Python build information and package availability across multiple platforms. PyPM Index shows developers instantly if Python packages they need are available for all the platforms they must deploy on, providing critical information to speed up the design phase of development. With PyPM Index, developers now have direct access via the Web to search PyPM repositories, which are collections of ActivePython packages.

WSO2’s Carbon Studio is a new Eclipse-based IDE for building service-oriented architecture and composite applications based on Carbon, the company’s componentized middleware platform. The IDE can organize artifacts that span the multiple runtimes common to composite applications into a single project. It can also develop applications using tools designed for the company’s other products, including the WSO2 ESB, WSO2 Web Services Application Server, WSO2 BPS and WSO2 Governance Registry. It can also test and debug Carbon-based applications directly within the IDE.

appMobi has released its Cross Platform Development Kit (XDK) to let developers build native Android, iPad and iPhone apps with any tool that can edit Web pages, HTML and JavaScript, such as DreamWeaver, Eclipse or Visual Studio. The XDK provides a bridge between standard WebKit browser controls and native device functionality, and it is extensible to add support for any device-specific hardware or third-party software API. Apps under development can be instantly shared with clients and reviewers over the cloud using the client’s XDK emulator or on the appMobi preview container installed on mobile devices.

AppDynamics has updated its application performance management suite. Designed for highly distributed Java applications in cloud, virtual and hybrid environments, AppDynamics 3.0 focuses on cloud application performance management as well as automatic memory leak detection for Java applications in production. The software adapts to dynamic changes in the number and identity of cloud instances as they happen, and self-learns “normal” performance levels accordingly. To address massive scale, the tool enables “single-pane-of-glass” management and monitoring of thousands of cloud nodes.

The first service pack of WebUI Studio 2010, a component suite from Intersoft Solutions, includes hundreds of enhancements and stability improvements, as well as a comprehensive MSDN-style product documentation. The most significant update in the R1 service pack is the MSDN-style product documentation, which is integrated into the Visual Studio’s help viewer library. The documentation, particularly for the Silverlight and WPF lineups, now includes over 150 new walkthroughs and how-to topics, and over 80 new conceptual topics. The release also includes dozens of enhancements at the product level and new features designed to address advanced Silverlight and WPF scenarios.

Coverity Software Integrity Report is a new feature of Coverity 5.3, a software quality suite from Coverity. The report helps development organizations, line-of-business managers, and business executives know what software defects they are shipping in their products, and lets customers understand defect risk and severity by third-party suppliers, by open-source package, and by quality of code from internal teams. Coverity 5.3 can also automatically assign defects to the appropriate developers responsible for specific code components based upon analysis as part of nightly builds, and prioritize and visualize parts of the codebase that have the highest defect density.

Essential Studio 2010 Volume 4, a Microsoft-centric component suite from Syncfusion, is an update that offers enhancements to many of its tools. For WPF and Silverlight, key changes include complete support for Expression Blend 4, an all-new Carousel control and a property grid. For ASP.NET MVC, there is an enhanced rich text editor, menus and toolbars. For business intelligence, the suite has an all-new PivotGrid control for Silverlight. For reporting, there is enhanced support for Office 2010 and improved Word-to-PDF conversion. There are also major updates to the WebForms and WinForms products.

Jim Newkirk has been elected chair of the Agile Alliance, an industry consortium. The past chair, Diana Larsen, remains on the board as treasurer. The consortium has also elected three new board members: Linda M. Cook, Pat Reed and Samuel Crescencio. Newkirk was previously the chair of the group’s Agile 2010 conference; he works as director of development for Microsoft’s Health Care Solutions Tools Team.