Liferay, Inc., provider of the world’s leading enterprise-class, open source portal, announced today the latest release of Liferay Developer Studio, an Eclipse-based development environment that helps developers create applications for the flagship Liferay Portal platform. The new release, Liferay Developer Studio 1.6.0, now incorporates a powerful visual design tool that helps Java developers build sophisticated workflows.
The new Kaleo Designer for Java provides programmers the means to quickly create and publish workflows in a visual editor using new workflow definitions or existing ones retrieved from a Liferay installation. Developers can create workflow scripts in a Java/Groovy editor that provides Liferay API access, code assistance, code validation, and syntax-as-you-type error checking within a familiar Eclipse-based environment. A notification editor also allows developers to create workflow notifications using Liferay Portal context variables in both Freemarker and Velocity. In these ways and more, the new Kaleo Designer increases the efficiency with which Liferay Portal developers automate processes.
“These new features further push Liferay’s developer tooling strengths and make it a significant part of the overall Liferay portfolio,” said Greg Amerson, creator of Liferay Developer Studio and Senior Software Engineer at Liferay.
Appropriately, the latest release of Liferay Developer Studio follows the recent release of Liferay Marketplace, the portal provider’s enterprise applications repository. Liferay’s community of over 65,000 developers has been called to create apps for download and eventually for purchase by Liferay platform users. Acting as a powerful tool for application creation, Liferay Developer Studio offers added ease and power to an international audience of Liferay developers.
Other tools in Liferay Developer Studio for Liferay Portal developers include a pre-installed version of Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition (EE), a bundled Liferay Plugins SDK with example projects wizard, and support for remote development through the built-in WebSphere server adapter or Remote IDE connector available through Liferay Marketplace.
To watch a video of Kaleo Designer for Java in Liferay Developer Studio, visit:
Liferay Developer Studio is available as a free trial with any free 30-day trial of Liferay Portal EE. Please visit to receive a trial license key and to access the download.

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