Nimbula, the Cloud Operating System Company, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its flagship product, Nimbula Director.

Based on Nimbula’s Cloud Operating System technology, Nimbula Director delivers Amazon EC2-like services to both enterprises and service providers. Allowing customers to efficiently manage both on- and off-premises resources, Nimbula Director quickly and cost effectively transforms inflexible, inefficient and under-utilized data centers into powerful, easily configurable compute capacity while supporting controlled access to off-premise clouds.

For deployments on infrastructure up to and including 40 cores, Nimbula Director is licensed free of charge and available for download from Customers will be able to purchase an optional annual support package for the free version of the product.

For deployments on infrastructure over 40 cores, Nimbula Director will be licensed on an annual subscription basis, and includes both maintenance and support services. For more details on pricing, please contact us by visiting

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