Oracle OpenWorld JavaOne 2014 Conference – ObjectRiver, a metadata compiler company for transforming legacy solutions, announced today a product for generating WebSocket compliant solutions for the emerging Java WebSocket standard JSR356.

WebSockets is part of the HTML5 standard for communicating with Web servers. ObjectRiver’s WebSocket Compiler Toolkit is the first of its kind to leverage this standard for rapid development. The latest versions of Web servers supporting this standard include WebLogic 12.1.3, Tomcat 8, Jetty 9.2.3, Glassfish 4, JBoss (Wildfly 8.1.0). ObjectRiver’s toolkit has successfully tested on all of them.

Traditional Web service communication to the Web server uses character strings with formats like XML of JSON. This requires conversion to the character format and back. A parser is also required with this method, which adds more complexity and computation of Web services. With WebSockets, the connection to the server starts out as an HTTP request and is upgraded to full duplex binary socket connection. For the first time, developers can pass binary information right though the Web server’s port 80 with no string conversion or parsing required.

“This is the future for the next generation of Web services,” said Steven Lemmo, CTO of ObjectRiver. “With our compiler technology, you can describe the most complex data structures, and seamlessly communicate between client and server.”

The WebSocket Compiler Toolkit is completely free for small projects. A nine minute webinar of the WebSocket Toolkit can be viewed at