Omnis, developer of one of the most powerful and flexible Rapid Application Development platforms in the market, announced today the launch of its latest release, Omnis Studio 8.0, which allows programmers and application developers to create enterprise, web and mobile applications for Windows, Linux, and OS X systems and mobile devices across all business sectors.

Omnis Studio, a product line of TigerLogic Corporation, provides many features to enable developers to create even richer and more interactive web and mobile apps that take advantage of new capabilities offered with the latest version of the most popular operating systems and platforms in business computing.

“With Omnis Studio 8.0, developers can – like never before – build robust, data-driven, web and mobile apps to launch seamlessly across multiple platforms with ease,” said Bob Whiting, Omnis General Manager. “Version 8.0 allows developers to build desktop and mobile apps just once, while being able to launch their solutions across all the major platforms seamlessly. The newest version provides assistance and tips throughout the entire development process, increasing productivity for application developers and ensuring an enhanced end user experience in their apps.”

The release adds 64-bit and Cocoa API support to the Omnis development platform, which allows for faster and richer development and improved performance of apps on devices running OS X or iOS 9; a Developer Hub, which provides tips and useful information for Omnis developers, including the status of the most recent reported and fixed bugs; a Code Assistant function, which displays command parameters, syntax and possible arguments; and an App Builder tool, which provides a number of templates that developers can utilize in building and prototyping apps.

Omnis Studio 8.0 also enhances the end user experience with increased support for HTML components for desktop apps, the ability to drag and drop data in web forms, new List Pager and Segmented Controls, support for HD displays on OS X and Windows, and enhancements to theme and color management for the development environment and deployed apps.

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