After being challenged to Google “SharePoint Consultants,” my search rendered about 235,000 results in 0.33 seconds. Recognizing this growing load of SharePoint information, Birmingham, U.K.-based Action SharePoint Ltd. (which trades as Office Talk) has launched “SharePoint Village.”

The website aims to offer users a one-stop place where SharePoint information is easily accessible, said Andy Dale, senior SharePoint consultant at Action SharePoint.

“We have created six sections of shops with no more than eight companies in each. These sections are Consultancy, Hosting, Software, Web Parts, Training and Design,” he said, adding, “We deliberately limited the number of shops in each section to eight so as to not overload the end user.”

The free website also offers an “Information Point,” which brings together SharePoint community sites, links to SharePoint resources, and a “User Group” section with links to an array of SharePoint user groups around the world, Dale said.

— Katie