Version 8.0 of Jubula has been released with support for testing JavaFX applications, BREDEX GmbH announced today. The open source GUI testing tool, also known under the name GUIdancer, allows testers to write intelligent and robust tests without any programming knowledge. In doing so, it encourages communication about quality throughout the whole team and during the entire software lifecycle. JavaFX is the sixth toolkit to be supported by the tool, alongside Swing, SWT/RCP, HTML, .NET and iOS. The installers can be downloaded from

“We are particularly pleased to release JavaFX support in Jubula so soon after the release of Java 8,” said Achim Lörke, Project Lead and Managing Director. “JavaFX is an excel-lent choice for developing modern applications due to its capabilities for improved user experience and design, and its support for touch applications. At BREDEX, we’re already developing and testing JavaFX applications. We are sure that other teams will also profit from the JavaFX support in Jubula to ensure consistent quality in their software”.

Alongside the support for JavaFX, version 8.0 also contains improvements for working with the tool in general, including a more lightweight setup for headless test execution and integration with HP-ALM.

Today’s release is for the Jubula and GUIdancer standalone editions, which are freely available from the BREDEX testing portal under The Jubula standalone is based on the Eclipse Jubula project, which is an open source project hosted at the Eclipse Foundation. Support for JavaFX will be available in the Eclipse plugin as a part of the Eclipse Luna release this summer.