The software intelligence company CAST has announced updates in its CAST Highlight summer 2023 release to help companies keep better track of the open-source software (OSS) components they are using in their applications.

“In the world of software development, integrating OSS components into your business-critical application is akin to entrusting the health and stability of your project to them,” said Greg Rivera, vice president of CAST Highlight. “Understanding their lifespan status—whether they are active, possibly end-of-life, or conversely too new—is an important aspect of OSS governance, and we’re thrilled to offer software intelligence technology that safely automates the analysis process.”

The release includes Open-Source Component Lifespan Insights, which tells application owners whether their components are active, deprecated, or immature. 

Lifespan is determined by release date. Components will get tagged as “Active” if there has been a new release in the past five years, “Possibly Deprecated” if no new versions have been released in the past five years, and “Possibly Immature” if components are less than a year old. 

According to CAST, this new tool “acts as a trusted advisor, guiding organizations towards components that are actively maintained and proven to be reliable, complementing CAST Highlight’s existing OSS risk insights related to security vulnerabilities and potential license and intellectual property issues.”

Other additions in the CAST Highlight summer 2023 release include Container Scanning, Personalized User Home Pages, Customizable Cloud Service Recommendations, and Ruby technology support for Cloud Readiness insights.