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CAST announces new tool for tracking lifespan of open-source components

The software intelligence company CAST has announced updates in its CAST Highlight summer 2023 release to help companies keep better track of the open-source software (OSS) components they are using in their applications. “In the world of software development, integrating OSS components into your business-critical application is akin to entrusting the health and stability of … continue reading

Software intelligence is key to creating better applications

Development teams are always on a mission to create better quality software, be more efficient, and please their users as much as possible. The introduction of AI into the development pipeline makes this possible, from software intelligence to AI-assisted development tools. Both can work hand in hand to reach the same goal, but there’s a … continue reading

SD Times news digest: .NET MAUI Preview 11; Spark-NLP 3.4.0; Cloud Security Alliance releases guidance for using AI in healthcare; CAST Highlight SCA Chrome extension

Microsoft recently announced the release of .NET MAUI Preview 11. As a part of this release, users will gain access to the first batch of Fluent UI control styling, multi-window implementations, control features, and another set of iOS type alignment. This preview runs on the latest preview of .NET 6 and is available with Visual … continue reading

CAST releases security dashboard to help close the developer skills gap

CAST has announced the CAST Security Dashboard, a new solution designed to allow enterprises to improve their understanding and safety of business-critical software. According to the company, over 90 percent of software outages are caused by architectural design flaws. Despite this, security teams rarely consider software architecture when trying to secure IT systems. Recent CAST … continue reading

Google ends Google TV support, AT&T’s Enhanced WebRTC API, and Intel’s diversity plans—SD Times news digest: Jan. 7, 2015

Now that Android TV has officially launched, Google has announced that it will no longer support Google TV. Existing Google TV apps developed for the platform will continue to work, but most Google TV devices will not support the company’s new platform. “With this shift, we encourage you to transition your living room development efforts … continue reading

CAST Makes Software Measurement Easier and More Customizable for IT Organizations

October 16, 2014—New York—CAST, a leader in software analysis and measurement, today announced an update to its Application Intelligence Platform (AIP). AIP 7.3 makes measuring software quality across an organization’s application portfolio more automated, informative, and customizable. In AIP 7.3, CAST introduces several ease of use enhancements to its Application Analytics Dashboard (AAD) that allow … continue reading

Guest View: Agile Chemistry – It’s the mix that matters

We hear frequent claims about the quality of software produced with Agile methods. Most of the sparse data on the subject come either from case studies, questionnaires, or university-based experiments. We finally have some industrial data comparing the structural quality of Agile and Waterfall methods, and the results are mixed—or rather they support mixed. Every … continue reading

Google rolls out the Cast SDK, opening the Chromecast to all developers

Android, iOS and Chrome developers can stream their existing apps on Chromecast using the Google Cast SDK … continue reading

CAST updates Application Intelligence Platform

New Delivery Management Tool adds source-code-management capability … continue reading

CAST puts a number on the cost of fixing code quality

Study examines four areas of code that can affect the “technical debt” of an operational application … continue reading

CAST automates function point analysis

The company says it has solved the complexity of measuring software function points, potentially saving time and money … continue reading Protection Status