Google released the Cast SDK for its Chromecast streaming device today, allowing Android, Chrome and iOS developers to build and publish “Cast-ready” desktop and mobile apps.

Google engineering manager John Affaki announced the rollout in a blog post, explaining that developers don’t need to write new Chromecast apps. By integrating the Cast SDK into existing mobile and Web apps, developers can publish them for streaming.

Apps can be streamed using the default HTML5 playback or customized using CSS. The Cast SDK also enables custom-built displays to support other streaming protocols such as HTTP Live Streaming and Microsoft Smooth Streaming. The SDK also fully supports cross-origin resource sharing.

Google developer advocate Paul Carff explained how to use the Cast SDK in the video below:

All existing Chromecast devices have already been updated to support the Cast SDK. The Cast SDK for iOS and the extension for Google Chrome are available today, and the SDK for Android will roll out with the Google Play Services 4.2 update within a week.

APIs for each platform are available in the documentation, and developers can control how and when their apps are published using the Google Cast developer console.