is an open-source Virtual CMS that allows users to adopt a collaborative development process in order to find the right balance between developer control and business team autonomy. 

With, customers can drag and drop Visual CMS for React, Vue, Qwik, Angular, and more. Additionally, the project’s GitHub page stated that can integrate with any site or app and allows users to drag and drop the components already in their codebase.

This open-source offering works to fight against bottlenecks and messy releases by utilizing an API-driven UI that allows for the decoupling of page updates from deploys; scheduling, a/b testing, and personalizing via APIs; the reducing of code; and increasing of composability.

According to the GitHub page, to get started the user first has to integrate the Builder API or SDK to their site or app and then they can create an account and drag and drop to create and publish pages and content.

Furthermore, the maintainers stated that all content is delivered from the edge and renderable server side or statically.

Lastly, the content in is structured in models, and customized with custom fields and targeting. 

Users gain access to Builder pages for full drag and drop control between the site’s header and footer, Builder sections to make a part of a page visually editable and use targeting and scheduling to decide who sees it, and Builder data to retrieve structured data from Builder and use it anything in the application.

For more information, visit the GitHub page