This week’s feature open-source project is Qovery, a platform designed to help deploy full stack and microservice applications on AWS, GCP, Azure, DigitalOcean and more.

“Qovery is a platform that combines the power of Kubernetes, the reliability of AWS, and the simplicity of Heroku to augment the developer experience,” the team behind the project wrote on the Qovery website.

After connecting a repository, Qovery runs all of the necessary steps to make the application available online. The solution also handles infrastructure management when business features are implemented. 

“Push your code – we handle the rest. From building your application to deploying to multiple environments,” Qovery wrote. “On Qovery, every branch is an isolated environment. Creating a new Git branch results in a complete copy of your production environment, so developers can test new features quicker and introduce fewer bugs to production.”

It also offers developers the ability to use their own cloud account to have greater control as an organization grows. Because it’s provider agnostic, Qovery makes it possible to deploy one’s production environment on more expensive, reliable cloud and use cheaper providers for development environments. 

Qovery works by using containers and Kubernetes to run applications and relies on major cloud providers to provide reliable infrastructure to make applications highly available.

“You don’t need to hire infrastructure experts – configuring continuous integration, deployment, databases, message brokers, storage, DNS, SSL/TLS, VPCs, and many others – we do it all for you,” Qovery wrote.