The Knowledge is Everything (KIE) group recently released TrustyAI, an open-source solution that combines machine learning models and decision logic to enrich automated decisions by including predictive analytics. 

It is the result of a new initiative, within the KIE group, to increase trust in decision making processes that depend on AI predictive models. The new initiative focuses on runtime, explainability, and accountability.

“New laws such as GDPR include the right to access how your data has been processed. Therefore, domain experts must understand the way in which a customer’s data has been processed, so that they can pass this information back to them,” the KIE group wrote in a blog post.

With TrustyAI, users can monitor the outcome of decision making and audit systems to ensure it meets regulations. Users can then trace the results through the system to help with a global overview of the decisions and predictions made. 

TrustyAI also enables decisions to be regulated to go against human bias and can be used in multiple different areas including, medical diagnosis, loan approvals, and so much more.

“TrustyAI’s aim is to enable trust in AI systems. This includes being able to use AI in business environments and critical systems. This is vital for industries such as healthcare, finance and many others. TrustyAI will enable this support by building services which include the three aspects (explainability, monitoring and auditing),” the KIE wrote in a post.