OpenLogic, Inc., provider of enterprise open source solutions for the cloud and the data center, announced the launch of the OpenLogic CloudSwing. OpenLogic CloudSwing allows application developers to quickly customize, deploy and operate cloud platform stacks using any open source or proprietary components.  OpenLogic also offers enterprise-grade technical support on all of the open source stacks deployed in the cloud.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings enable developers to quickly deploy applications in the cloud by providing a standard application stack for a particular language.  Until now, developers have only had a limited set of options to change components that have been chosen by the PaaS provider.   The industry has been slow in offering completely flexible and open PaaS solutions that let developers choose any component, whether open source or proprietary, with no vendor limitations or lock-in.

OpenLogic CloudSwing, which won the Cloud Connect Launch Pad in March 2011, addresses this gap.  CloudSwing offers developers pre-defined Platform as a Service stacks, but also allows users to change any stack component or create their own stacks that are not limited to pre-built or pre-selected components. CloudSwing will also support a wide set of operating systems, infrastructure and cloud choices.  

“CloudSwing is the first PaaS solution that gives developers the flexibility to use the components they want and the confidence that the stack will be 100% managed and supported,” said Steve Grandchamp, CEO of OpenLogic.  “OpenLogic has built its business helping hundreds of Global 2000 enterprises successfully leverage open source technologies.  Now that open source is dominating cloud environments – companies want the same flexibility, choice and peace of mind that we provideas they deploy their applications in the cloud.”

Highlights of CloudSwing include:
• Secure, Enterprise-Ready Stacks:  CloudSwing Smart Stacks are pre-configured with enterprise-level security and configuration options.   Smart Stacks come with scripts that get developers up and running in a matter of minutes.

• Flexible Customization Tools:  Web-based tools let developers add their own application, change components or even build a new stack from scratch.  Customized stacks can be saved and re-used in other applications.

• Enterprise Support: OpenLogic offers enterprise support on hundreds of open source projects that are used in cloud deployments.

• Full Stack Management: The CloudSwing Management Portal provides you access to all of the native management tools for each component in your stack from a single web page. Coming later in Q3 2011.

• Application Monitoring:  The CloudSwing Monitoring Dashboard lets you see how each component in your stack is performing. Coming later in Q3 2011.

• Spending Management:  CloudSwing lets you track and manage your cloud costs so you can avoid surprises. Coming later in Q3 2011.

CloudSwing will be available in three editions:
• Trial Edition: Gets developers up and running in minutes to prototype and experiment in the cloud.

• DevTest Edition: Helps developers run and test their applications, with quick changes and integration to development environments. 

• Production Edition:  Designed for production deployments that need scalability and reliability.

CloudSwing: Trial Edition is available today as a private beta.  CloudSwing: Trial Edition will be generally available later in 2011.  Enterprise users interested in learning about CloudSwing or joining the CloudSwing beta can request an invitation by going to

OpenLogic will provide more information on open PaaS and CloudSwing at a webinar on Aug 30. Sign up at