OpenLogic, Inc., provider of enterprise open source support and management solutions for the data center and the cloud, today announced the newest version of its open source license compliance management solution, enabling greater team collaboration, improving efficiencies and empowering more corporate control through a new set of APIs.  The new OpenLogic Open Source License Compliance Module provides a consolidated view of license obligations based on how the open source code was used, and it highlights any potential license conflicts.
OpenLogic currently has 3 open source scanning and management solutions: OSS Discovery, OSS Deep Discovery and OpenLogic Open Source License Compliance Module. The Open Source License Compliance Module integrates with OpenLogic’s OSS Deep Discovery, as well as third-party source code scanning tools, offering the flexibility to employ different or complimentary scanning tools for different types of applications.
The new version of the OpenLogic Open Source License Compliance module has several new features including:
• Enhanced collaboration: OpenLogic now allows multiple users to work on the same scan at the same time without having to worry about conflicts. This makes it easy for companies to assign multiple open source auditors to large projects and get audits done faster.  Project sharing also helps to ensure that progress is made if one team member leaves for vacation or is interrupted by other duties.  Finally, these features make it easier for team members to check each other’s work.

• Scan processing efficiency: Background processing means users do not have to wait for long-running actions to complete before continuing, such as when resolving tens of thousands of files to a particular license.  Users can immediately begin working on other tasks while the system finishes the action and can see their background jobs as well as their colleagues’ jobs at all times.

• Greater control: New APIs give enterprise customers fine-grained access to the OLEX request and approval system, the OLEX package library, scanning projects within OLEX, and full search functionality.
“Our customers, no matter their size, ask us to help them efficiently identify open source software and understand license dependencies. Now that a team of auditors can safely work together on a scan, M&A transaction audits can be performed faster and more accurately than ever before,” said Rod Cope, Founder and CTO of OpenLogic. “With this release, we make scanning accessible to many more organizations who can use this information to better understand their code and ensure license compliance.”
The OpenLogic Open Source License Compliance Module is an add-on feature of OpenLogic OLEX Enterprise Edition, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for comprehensive governance and provisioning of open source software. Add-on features are available to OLEX Enterprise Edition and Library Edition subscribers who need tools for source code scanning and reporting on open source license obligations.