OpenMake Software today announced the 7.5 release of its market leading Meister build automation, Mojo workflow management and Cloudbuilder provisioning products together with their new Deploy + offering which comprise its Dynamic DevOps Suite. Delivering a consolidated tool chain for process automation, continuous build and continuous deploy, the Dynamic DevOps suite offers a model driven framework for simplifying the hand-off of the software build and delivery process from development teams to production control.

Tracy Ragan, COO, OpenMake Software explains, “We have expanded our model driven framework for managing Builds into the Deployment realm. Our Dynamic DevOps suite substantially reduces the use of one-off build and deploy scripts, delivering a more reliable and transparent method of delivering binaries.”

The Dynamic DevOps Suite includes both Build Services and Deploy Services that create standard process for building and deploying applications. It includes standard models for delivering to WebSphere, Tomcat, Microsoft IIS and other common server environments. Standard process workflows can be defined and reused across the development to production environments with dynamic changes addressing the uniqueness of each environment.

Why Dynamic? “Defining a reusable, standardized process across the lifecycle from build through deploy is the ultimate goal in achieving DevOps. Changes between environments for builds, test execution and deployments should be addressed dynamically, without human intervention or one-off scripts. We uniquely achieve this level of automation for build and now deployments with our 7.5 release” explains Steve Taylor, CTO, OpenMake Software.