OpsHub has announced the immediate availability of OpsHub Integration Manager v5.3 , with added support for test management assets including test cases, test steps, test results, test suites and test runs. This major release enhances integration between disparate test management and execution tools used by quality teams, improving collaboration and visibility among quality stakeholders.

In addition to the existing ALM support, OpsHub Integration Manager v5.3 also adds support for test management assets, further improving support for integration and migration between best-of-breed ALM systems, including HP ALM, Microsoft TFS and VersionOne.

“The added support for test management assets enable our customers to bring legacy, suite-based and emerging test management tools into VersionOne’s agile ecosystem, increasing transparency and visibility.” said Paul Culling, Vice President, Alliances, VersionOne. .”By extending integration capabilities across multiple test management tools within a single organization, OpsHub’s latest release will help continue breaking down the silos between QA and development resulting in a more integrated agile enterprise.”

“OpsHub Integration Manager’s newly added support for synchronizing test management assets, helps our customers get comprehensive visibility into their quality activities, even when individual quality teams are using disparate test management tools”, said Sandeep Jain, President and CEO of OpsHub. This improves collaboration and visibility among its quality stakeholders, leading to better products delivered faster and with greater customer satisfaction.”

OpsHub Integration Manager Version 5.3 is available as a cloud or on-premise solution.