The process of eliminating OpenSolaris from Oracle’s portfolio was, according to the memo, a lengthy one. “The term ‘OpenSolaris’ has been used colloquially to refer to any or all of a collection of source code, a development model, a website, a logo, a binary release, a source license, a community, and many other related things,” said the memo. “So it’s taken a while to go over each issue from an organizational and business perspective, and align on the correct next step.”

Anticipating the end of OpenSolaris, the independent Illumos project kicked off on Aug. 3. The project aims to build a completely open-source replacement for OpenSolaris based on the existing, already open portions of the operating system.

That project is being headed up by Garrett D’Amore, the senior director of engineering at Nexenta, an enterprise storage company. He said that the fundamental goal of the project is to give OpenSolaris users a choice rather than leaving the platform to wither on Oracle’s vines.

“We want the things we put in to Illumos to be usable by Oracle,” he said. “This is part of why we’re not a fork. We’re looking at a collaborative relationship with Oracle. It should be reasonable for somebody to integrate the Illumos code back into OpenSolaris, if Oracle so chooses.”

While D’Amore also said that he would like the project to involve Oracle and have the company’s blessing, he also stated that Oracle has yet to speak to the Illumos team. Oracle has not responded to requests from SD Times to discuss either Illumos or OpenSolaris.

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