Oris4.com today announced a technology integration through which Oris4’s powerful cross-cloud search and data aggregation capabilities will securely feed customer’s relevant SharePoint content to their Salesforce.com application.  The integration further positions Oris4 as the go to content management solution that leverages firm’s existing investments while making it easy to find any file quickly and easily.

“Imagine the ability to view an account in Salesforce.com and see all the relevant files and emails pertaining to that company that you have access to, regardless of what system they reside on. That’s what Oris4 can do and our new SharePoint integration takes this to a whole new level.” said Reza Kazemipour, CEO of Oris4.

“SharePoint is the leading enterprise content management (ECM) solution and Salesforce.com is the market’s leading CRM. This integration combines the best of both worlds and securely provides the files a customer needs in seconds from any device.” said Peter Hickey, co-founder of Oris4. “Our customer trials have gone over extremely well and we’re thrilled to release this to the general market.”

Oris4’s contextual indexing delivers the document, file or email you need to do your job when you need it. Each file is linked to the people or companies you are working with and available to you from any device. Forbes.com described Oris4 in this way, “Anyone who’s ever used cloud storage can instantly see the value of this sort of offering.”