The Linux Foundation is launching a new platform designed to sustain open-source communities. CommunityBridge was announced at this week’s Open Source Leadership Summit.

The Linux Foundation plans to launch a number of tools to the open-source community throughout the next two years. The platform is currently being released with Community Bridge Funding to help developers raise and spend funding; CommunityBridge Security for potential vulnerabilities and fixes; and CommunityBridge People for networking and making connections with mentors and mentees.

“While large open source projects are often well-resourced, many smaller projects require more funds, talent, security, diversity, and resources to thrive,” said Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation. “CommunityBridge is the platform to solve critical challenges and fuel open source innovation and sustainability by empowering people — all in one place.”

Developers and organizations interested in the platform can get involved through early access, maintainer and developer access and Linux Foundation support.

In addition, CommunityBridge will look to improve open-source security with features such as a scanning service and detailed reports on vulnerabilities, usage and licensing. The platform will also award projects with a focus on improving diversity.

“We believe CommunityBridge will have a huge impact on helping to sustain the open source community and we couldn’t be more excited to play a key role,” said Yonas Beshawred, CEO of StackShare. “Knowing which companies use a particular open source project is an important data point when considering whether or not to adopt that technology at your company. Today we’ve partnered with the Linux Foundation to expose this public data to give potential donors and supporters of projects in need of funding, greater confidence around adopting their projects.”