Flyde is a visual programming tool for VS Code that lets people create programming flows using a graphical interface.

It is designed to be used alongside the actual codebase, enabling developers to switch to the lpow-code interface for situations where having a visual is more helpful. 

“Flyde was built not to replace textual programming, but augment it with a higher-level abstraction, only when it makes sense to,” the documentation states. 

The tool integrates with TypeScript and JavaScript on Node.js and frontend projects. 

Flyde consists of four main parts: the .flyde files that represent the flows, a visual flow editor, a runtime library, and a standard library. 

The project also offers a Playground so that developers can see the flows that others have created and gain inspiration. In the Playground, developers can also experiment with creating their own flows right from the browser. 

“Flyde offers experienced developers a new dimension of efficiency for designing, prototyping, and managing APIs and microservices visually, while retaining the flexibility and power of traditional coding,” the GitHub page says.