The Outercurve Foundation today announced the acceptance of the WebsitePanel project into the ASP.NET Open Source Gallery.  WebsitePanel was contributed by privately-held SMB SAAS Systems Inc., the developer of DotNetPanel.
WebsitePanel, an easy-to-use control panel for Windows hosting, enables developers and hosting companies to manage multiple servers, websites, FTP accounts, databases and other resources. A successor of the DotNetPanel control panel, a commercial product released in 2006, WebsitePanel was completely re-written and released as open source in 2010. WebsitePanel is governed by the BSD license.
The Website Panel project, built on the Windows platform, works with a wide range of third-party products including web servers, FTP servers, mail servers, database engines, DNS servers and virtualization technologies.  
 “We are pleased to accept WebsitePanel, an open source project that eases management of Windows websites and hosting environments,” said Paula Hunter, Executive Director, Outercurve Foundation. “WebsitePanel strengthens the ASP.NET Gallery and provides a great set of open source web and hosting management tools for the .NET ecosystem.”
The Outercurve Foundation has three galleries and 12 projects. Galleries include the ASP.NET Open Source Gallery (six projects), the Systems Infrastructure and Integration Gallery (three projects) and the recently-announced Research Accelerators Gallery (three projects.)
For more information on WebsitePanel, the ASP.NET Open Source gallery or the Outercurve Foundation please visit