The vast majority of mobile developers are hedging their bets in the mobile ecosphere by designing at least some of their apps to target multiple platforms according to a survey of over 400 mobile developers conducted by Evans Data Corp.  The new survey report, conducted in June 2012 and just released to subscribers, shows 94% design at least some of their apps to run on multiple platforms, though only 13.5% target all of their apps for multiple platforms.  The largest plurality, 58%, design from 1 to 50% of their apps to run on multiple platforms.

The survey also showed that Android has surpassed all other platforms as the most commonly targeted platform.

“Market potential is the biggest driver in platform selections,” said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data, “so targeting multiple platforms is eminently reasonable.  While some may be writing multiple native versions, we’ve seen a lot of developers leaving native development for web runtimes even though they may take performance hits. Expansion of their potential market is just so much more important”.

The Mobile Development Survey is worldwide survey conducted twice a year amongst developers actively working on mobile apps.  It includes topics such as:  platforms, monetization, extending corporate apps, APIs, social networking, mobile processors, mobile device features, and more.  See complete Table of Contents here: