Parasoft, the leading provider of Service Virtualization, API Testing, and Development Testing technologies and Skytap, the leading provider of self-service application development environments in the cloud, today announced a joint offering that enables Service Virtualization and Test Lab Management in the cloud.
The solution, which features Parasoft Service Virtualizationplus Skytap Cloud,  provides enterprises on-demand access to complete, complex test environments by leveraging their existing virtualized environments as well as simulating non-virtualized infrastructure (including mainframes and external services) to more closely mirror their production environment. Together these technologies provide development and test teams with better test coverage, increased velocity, and greater throughput—resulting in higher quality software.
“’Access” remains one of the most daunting barriers to SDLC acceleration,” stated Wayne Ariola, Chief Strategy Officer for Parasoft Corporation.  “Whether we’re talking about access to dev/test environments or access to dependent applications, the ability to pull all the required pieces together in order to test thoroughly is equivalent to herding feral cats.  The Parasoft-Skytap partnership delivers ubiquitous, global access to complete dev/test environments, allowing organizations to deliver software faster, with reduced business risk.”
“Development and QA teams struggle to gain access to two types of environments: dev/test environments for the application under test and access to the systems the application under test is dependent upon.” Said Brian White, Vice President of Products at Skytap.  “With the integrated solution, Skytap Cloud and Parasoft Service Virtualization now offer a complete solution to cloud testing that eliminates the largest constraints that dev/test teams face today.”