Parasoft today announced the new release of Parasoft Concerto from Gartner AADI Summit 2010.  Parasoft Concerto, an ALM platform that delivers unprecedented control of the Software Development Lifecycle—helping organizations ensure that quality software can be produced consistently and efficiently 

With the latest release, Parasoft leverages its integrated automated testing capabilities to deliver objective and timely feedback on the flow of development activities—with the goal of enhancing productivity while delivering more consistent releases.   Parasoft Concerto not only allows you to plan for “what” needs to be developed, but also allows you to monitor “how” the software is implemented.

“I would consider Parasoft Concerto the first system on the market that truly focuses on the process of developing software,” stated Wayne Ariola, VP of Strategy for Parasoft. “Parasoft Concerto enables teams to be more productive while achieving unprecedented application quality. With companies now expecting more complex functionality to be delivered faster—and from fewer resources—software development process improvement has become a must have.”

“Development organizations are under pressure to improve productivity and success rates all while the complexity of applications continues to increase.  Often we look for the quick fix and Agile is currently the ‘hot’ concept,” states Thomas Murphy, research director with Gartner.  “But making agile work in a sustainable fashion requires getting everyone on the same page working from the same playbook.  This requires building common vocabularies and tools that enable collaboration and enable a quality centric development process; quality sooner rather than later is what enables IT teams to meet the demands of business.”

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