Parasoft today announced that the latest release of its API testing solution introduces enhanced support for testing the RESTful APIs that have become the backbone of mobile transactions.
The demand for greater mobile access is driving the shift from XML/SOAP to JSON/REST. In fact, ProgrammableWeb predicts that the number of new JSON APIs will exceed the number of new XML ones at some point this year[1].  Now that RESTful APIs are increasingly the technology of choice for enabling broader business connectivity, enterprises are looking for a proven solution for hardening back-end services to ensure the integrity of critical mobile transactions.

The latest release of Parasoft’s enterprise-grade API Testing solution focuses on ensuring that rich regression suites for JSON can be more rapidly constructed, continuously executed, and effectively managed. By providing increased control over assertion management and test data management, Parasoft eliminates the need for complex scripting and allows less technical resources to test business-critical transactions.
“APIs are the lifeline to mobile application functionality and performance,” noted Wayne Ariola, Chief Strategy Officer at Parasoft. “Placing these APIs into a rich regression suite is imperative for the success of your mobile applications and your business. The weakest link in the transaction will kill customer satisfaction. “
Key capabilities introduced in the new release include:
· Extended JSON/REST Support:  Redesigned interfaces to JSON-specific tools (e.g., JSON Assertor, JSON Data Bank) simplify configuration of JSON message extractions and validations while providing easy customization for specialized testing needs.
· Load Test Dependency Transfer Automation:  Simplifies the configuration of complex load tests on remote machines. This enables teams to more rapidly configure load tests in highly-distributed environments or cloud-based deployments.
· Enhanced API Penetration Testing and Runtime Error Detection Reporting: Enhanced reporting around API penetration testing and runtime error detection enable development and QA teams to rapidly diagnose and remediate security vulnerabilities and runtime errors. This rapid feedback mechanism is optimal for agile teams committed to eliminating defects earlier in the SDLC.
· Extended Connectivity and Extensibility:  As part of Parasoft’s commitment to being the industry’s open,  automated infrastructure for Continuous Testing, we continued to expand our API to enable more seamless integration into your SDLC—for example, your organization’s preferred tools for DevOps, Continuous Integration, ALM, etc.