Parasoft announced the general availability of the new Parasoft Service Virtualization, an open, automated infrastructure for continuous testing. With the latest release, teams can provision simulated test environments and launch associated test scenarios via a readily-accessible API. This enables fully-automated continuous testing, which is a critical component of continuous delivery and continuous release.  Even if the team needs to launch a myriad of different test environments, each of which runs an extensive set of test scenarios, all the necessary provisioning and test execution can be fully automated.
“It’s becoming quite clear that you can’t continuously deliver or release without continuous testing,” explained Wayne Ariola, Parasoft Chief Strategy Officer. “When test automation is fragile, the organization will never achieve the acceleration you desire.  Your organization will face an increased risk of software failure, project delays—most likely both. Parasoft takes a multi-faceted approach to this challenge. Our full spectrum of automated test and analysis capabilities accelerates the SDLC and helps you construct the broad spectrum of tests (unit, component, functional, integration, performance) vital for effective continuous testing. Moreover, our service virtualization capabilities enable testing to occur as early and often as needed. Together, this helps you reduce risk exposure, bringing higher quality functionality to the market faster and at a lower cost.”
Other key enhancements in the new release include:
· Analysis and Visualization of Environment Health— proactively identify test environment issues before they compromise the accuracy of your test results.
· Open Asset Management—facilitate automation and help teams share the resources relevant to their projects and domains.
· Advanced Generation of Virtual Assets with Complex, Hierarchical Message Types— generate sophisticated, flexible virtual assets from recorded traffic in a matter of seconds.
· Access Control –secure the environment while ensuring that the involved parties have the appropriate level of visibility and control.

Service Virtualization Details
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