Perforce Software has released Git Fusion, a new tool designed to add new functionalities and flexibility to popular open source distributed version control system Git.

Now available for free to all Perforce Software Version Management licensees, Git Fusion aims to simplify the process of working with projects that don’t fit into a single Git repository. The tool enables teams to combine Git repositories and components, and create new repositories by reusing elements from other Git or Perforce code lines.

It also adds features like Repository Remapping, which allows developers to create new Git repositories whenever they want with a reconfigured set of data. Developers can choose to code in either Git of Perforce, and switch back and forth between them (with the option of completely hiding Perforce’s tools), too.

The complete Perforce Software Version Management system is free to open source projects, educational institutions, and studios who intend to have 20 users or less working with the suite. More details on Git Fusion are available here.