Today at BlockWorld Conference, Amalto, a leading provider of B2B document exchange and transaction management solutions, announced the launch of the Early Adopter Program of Platform 6, their enterprise application platform. Platform 6 enables developers, integrators, startups and IT organizations to quickly and easily create blockchain-based transactional applications. Platform 6 is blockchain-agnostic and provides all the off-chain features and services required to develop, package and run enterprise-class decentralized applications.

Platform 6 was initially developed to solve process automation and B2B transaction challenges for enterprises including Chevron, GE, Iron Mountain, Suez, Superior Propane and Thales. It has recently undergone a major uplift to help all types of organizations develop enterprise transactional applications. Most significantly, Platform 6 has been made blockchain-ready and closely integrated with Ethereum. Support for other major blockchain frameworks will be added soon.

Developers can sign up for the Early Adopter Program starting today at and join companies like ConsenSys and Ondiflo that are already using Platform 6 to create blockchain-based enterprise applications.

According to Gartner’s report, Predicts 2018: Top Predictions in Blockchain Business, “Projects by enterprises that apply peer-to-peer decentralized models without a middleman are rare.” The reason such implementations are still rare is because building and running blockchain-based decentralized business applications is not an easy task. The blockchain part represents only a small portion of the effort.

“Platform 6 is architected to support peer-to-peer decentralized models and provides all the features to develop an enterprise application,” said Emmanuel Thiriez, co-founder of Amalto and Platform 6. “We encourage developers to apply to Platform 6 Early Adopter Program and discover how easy and fast it is to build blockchain-based applications. They will benefit from a battle-hardened platform in wide production by global companies and will also be able to leverage Platform 6 built-in monetization scheme to generate recurring revenue.”

Platform 6 includes:

●      All features and services required to build enterprise-class applications – users & permissions, organizational structure, workflows, data transformation, system integration, responsive-design User Interface, APIs…

●      The ability to develop additional custom services in various languages (Java, Node.js, .Net and Go)

●      A native integration with major blockchain frameworks including Ethereum (available today), Hyperledger, Fabric Quorum, Qtum Neo, R3 Corda, and others (coming soon)

●      An easy way to manage developed applications (package, install, upgrade, uninstall…)