Apprenda, the leading enterprise Platform as a Service (PaaS), today announced it is incorporating Kubernetes, Google’s open-source orchestration system for Docker containers, for part of its architecture and is joining the highly committed Kubernetes community.

During the next few product releases, Apprenda will incorporate Kubernetes into its current architecture. Specifically, Apprenda will extend its existing cluster management stack and operational suite with Kubernetes, providing a single world-class platform for both existing and new, cloud-native applications. Bringing Kubernetes into the fold will create significant benefits including fast scaling for containers, features for building custom cloud-native apps (such as Internet of Things (IoT) and next-generation front ends), and support from the largest open-source community in the market.

“Incorporating Kubernetes into Apprenda means our customers will have a no compromises, best-in-class architecture for both existing applications and cloud-native, container-based applications,” Sinclair Schuller, CEO and co-founder of Apprenda, said. “At Apprenda, we’re obsessed with existing applications. We’re going to be more competitive than ever with any PaaS player on cloud-native support while continuing to be the only player that brings existing apps and infrastructure stacks in the enterprise along for the ride.”

Apprenda will still provide the market’s best Windows and Linux capabilities for new and existing applications. The architectural change will be additive and non-disruptive to how Apprenda’s technology behaves today. Apprenda customers’ experiences post-Kubernetes will be exactly like their experiences pre-Kubernetes, but they will now include enhanced cloud-native and container-orchestration capabilities.

“Enterprises are currently looking for ways to support emerging cloud-native workloads alongside their existing investments,” Fintan Ryan, industry analyst at RedMonk, said. “By bringing full support for Kubernetes into their platform, Apprenda is protecting existing enterprise investments while providing a clear path and a consistent vision for the next generation of container applications moving into production.”

Apprenda’s first major step into the Kubernetes community will be taking place at KubeCon, the largest Kubernetes-focused conference, on March 10 and 11 in London. CEO Sinclair Schuller will be speaking on the main stage and talking about Apprenda’s commitment to Kubernetes and the future direction of the company.

“We are excited to see Apprenda join the Kubernetes community,” Joseph Jacks, Vice President of Technology Strategy at Kismatic, said. “As the Kubernetes community continues to rapidly grow, more enterprises are seeing that Linux containers in and of themselves are not enough. Apprenda’s leadership and focus on transforming existing enterprise application portfolios is perfectly positioned to change the game for their customers and usher them into the cloud-native era with Kubernetes.”