Pluralsight, the global leader in online learning for technology professionals, today announced the release of its notes feature, an in-product tool that allows members to take virtual, time-stamped notes while watching any of the 5,000+ courses in Pluralsight’s technology learning platform. With contextual note-taking, technology professionals can grasp difficult concepts by taking notes in their own words and then tagging them based on a specific topic or project for easy reference and skill mastery.

“Technology professionals work in fast-paced environments that require them to retain a large amount of information,” said Nate Walkingshaw, chief experience officer at Pluralsight. “We built the notes feature to make it easier for Pluralsight members to take notes in context as they learn, then locate and recall key information later as they’re working through or applying a concept.”

The notes feature enhances the learning experience on Pluralsight by allowing members to benefit from:

· Contextual note-taking – The notes tool includes a timestamp feature which registers the note to an exact moment in any given course. When reviewing previously written notes, members—with just one click—can jump directly to the point in a Pluralsight course where the note was originally created.

· Quick and simple accessibility – Each note is automatically organized and saved to a member’s account for future reference. Members can tag notes with hashtags to structure them on important topics, courses or projects for fast and simple recall.

· Easy download for knowledge-sharing – The new feature allows members to download personal notes. Downloaded notes can then be added to a different note system or shared with colleagues.

The new notes feature adds functionality to Pluralsight’s comprehensive technology learning platform, which includes adaptive skill measurement, directed learning paths, expert-authored courses, instant live mentoring and more.

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