Pontiflex, the industry’s leading mobile and online signup ad platform, today announced the release of the new Pontiflex AppLeads Smart SDK. The new SDK includes support for iOS 5 universal applications, as well as Android tablets, such as Amazon’s recently unveiled Kindle Fire, the Samsung Tab and the Motorola Xoom.

With this new SDK, app developers and advertisers can leverage one platform to deliver a relevant and in-app advertising experience, while monetizing apps on popular smartphone and tablet devices.

“Forrester Research predicts that Amazon will sell three to five million Kindle Fire tablets in Q4 2011 alone,” said Zephrin Lasker, CEO and Co-founder, Pontiflex. “As Android tablets are poised to grow and take off, developers can now leverage an additional venue to make money. However, with the increased adoption of different devices and platforms, they will have to cope with increasing complexity. We are excited to provide them with an easy and fast road to monetization done the right way.”

Developers can use the Pontiflex AppLeads SDK to deliver signup ads. Signup ads enable people to opt-in to hear from brands and businesses they like without leaving the app. Because of the relevant user experience, more people interact with the ads. As a result, developers make CPMs 50 – 100 times the industry average. Ads are automatically adjusted for the form factor of devices, and developers can show up to twice the number of ads on tablets as they can on smartphones.

Since its launch in 2010, Pontiflex AppLeads has established impressive momentum in the marketplace. More than 25 percent of all Android users in the United States have opted-in to a mobile signup ad via Pontiflex AppLeads. The milestone is proof of the rapid adoption of signup ads in the mobile advertising marketplace for Android.

Android app TuneMe developed by Atonality Mobile is one of thousands of apps that use Pontiflex AppLeads to monetize their apps. The TuneMe app enables users to auto-tune their voice so they sound like their favorite artist. By serving signup ads at non-disruptive points in app usage, such as when the song is being processed, TuneMe was able to generate $80 CPMs.

“Pontiflex AppLeads helps us provide an unrivaled and non-intrusive experience for users, while delivering monetization for our company that blows away its mobile ad rivals,” says John Hotovy, 19-year-old developer and CEO of Atonality Mobile. “We are excited to begin exploring new monetization opportunities the SDK provides on Android tablets such as the Kindle Fire.”

New AppLeads Smart SDK Features
The following features have been included, with a focus on delivering superior experience for end users, monetization for developers and highly qualified signups for advertisers and brands:
— The user interface of the ads is automatically adjusted when the SDK senses whether ads are being shown on a smartphone or a tablet
— The new SDK is 10 percent smaller than previous versions, allowing developers to install the AppLeads SDK in minutes and instantly gain access to world-renowned brand advertisers
— For smartphones, the AppLeads interface will display three highly relevant ads and for tablets it will display six, maximizing the benefits of various screen sizes