Precise, the global leader in transaction performance management (TPM), today announced new capabilities for monitoring of Java clusters, a complex and costly issue for enterprises operating applications in cloud and virtualized environments. The Precise solution, available now with Precise version 9.0, allows application owners, Java administrators and experts to quickly and easily find the root cause of problems in clustered applications and fix them.

In clustered enterprise applications, performance and availability are much harder to analyze when things go wrong. Virtual and cloud environments add yet another layer of complexity, as JVMs are constantly added and removed from clusters, making it harder to retrace transaction paths later.

“Many of today’s mission critical enterprise Java applications use JVM clustering to ensure high availability,” said Julie Craig, Research Director, Application Management with Enterprise Management Associates.  “Clustering can introduce performance problems—due to load balancing behavior and other factors—that can impact the applications running within the cluster.  While many traditional Java application performance management solutions have no visibility beyond specific JVMs, Precise has introduced functionality that segments performance data by cluster and specific JVM.  This key capability gives companies running JVM clusters essential information on how to resolve issues and restore application service quickly.”

Precise 9.0 for Java includes the following features:
• Automatically analyzes load balancing patterns, pinpointing JVMs that are over or under-utilized
• Automatically finds the best tuning opportunities to improve application performance in the cluster, including CPU metrics, Java garbage collection time, and external resources such as databases and storage
• Automatically detects new JVMs that are added to the cluster and decommissioned JVMs that are removed, eliminating  management overhead

“When you are using clusters in your application, traditional JVM monitoring is not relevant anymore,” said Assaf Sagi, product manager for Composite Applications at Precise.  “By analyzing the entire cluster end-to-end, and recommending tuning opportunities, Precise helps customers scale their Java applications in the cloud.”