Progress today announced the latest release of Telerik Fiddler, the free web debugging proxy for any browser, system or platform. New Support and Licensing options enable enterprises to leverage the power of the Telerik Fiddler proxy and allow developers to enhance their own applications with the core engine that powers the debugger they know and love.

With the Telerik FiddlerCore product, organizations can now build applications to capture, modify, replay and save web traffic. With this update, Telerik, a Progress company, is offering additional license types to enable customers to affordably integrate the Telerik FiddlerCore product into their internal business systems as well as their commercially distributed applications.

Newly available in Telerik Fiddler:

Enterprise Support: To date, the Telerik Fiddler proxy has offered community support only. With this release, Telerik now includes a Priority Enterprise Support subscription for the Telerik Fiddler proxy, priced on a per-user basis. Enterprises that rely on the Fiddler proxy for mission-critical needs can subscribe and receive priority responses to their support questions within 24 hours.

FiddlerCore Licensing: The Telerik FiddlerCore product allows users to build the core proxy engine of the Telerik Fiddler proxy directly into their application without the Fiddler UI. The possibilities are broad, from building website or web service testing frameworks to redistributable commercial applications that can capture, modify, replay and save Web traffic.

With today’s release, Telerik has expanded the available licensing for the Telerik FiddlerCore .NET Library to include an educational license, an internal applications license and a commercial applications license.

“As we promised when Telerik acquired Fiddler in 2012, Fiddler for Windows remains free to download and use,” said Aaron Mahimainathan, Senior Vice President, Developer Tools and Telerik Platform at Progress. “The offerings introduced today are for organizations who want the most from our ALM product family. We have essentially cleared the road for them to integrate the FiddlerCore product directly into their .NET apps, instead of having to develop this functionality on their own.”

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