Progress today announced the latest release of Telerik DevCraft suite, the ultimate end-to-end toolset for professional .NET developers. The new release introduces powerful document and report management capabilities, new controls for building responsive web and native mobile applications, and increased productivity in Visual Studio. Full details will be available during the Telerik DevCraft Q1 2015 Release Webinar, March 11, 11:00 a.m. ET. Register here.

“Telerik has always been ahead of the curve as the .NET ecosystem has evolved, bringing to bear tools and technology that drive the market forward,” said Aaron Mahimainathan, Senior Vice President, DevTools and Telerik Platform, Progress. “With the latest iteration of Telerik DevCraft suite we are providing tools necessary to build rich, high-performance .NET apps in the most productive fashion. We’ve made performance enhancements and released specialized controls for all development types-mobile, web and desktop-as well as building on our already strong cross-platform story.”

Building Responsive Web and Native Mobile Apps
With the Q1 release, Telerik® products offer a number of new controls that provide fundamental building blocks for every mobile application, including ListView and SideDrawer for Xamarin and Windows Universal, as well as DataSource for Windows Universal. Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX introduces a new Bootstrap-inspired skin, a navigation control designed for building responsive websites, as well as lightweight rendering mode for multiple controls.

Increased Productivity in Visual Studio
New Visual Studio predefined application templates for AJAX, WPF, WinForms and Telerik Reporting products provide a better getting-started experience with Telerik DevCraft tools. Developers can build upon those ready-to-use templates immediately, or use them for their proof of concept.

New Report Management Capabilities
As part of the Q1 2015 DevCraft release, Telerik introduces a preview version of Telerik Report Server, a new end-to-end solution that enables business users and .NET developers to create and manage reports in a user-friendly environment with minimum development involvement. Telerik Report Server provides a centralized place for storing reports in a single database, located at on premise server instance, utilized by user-friendly web-based app for adding, editing, deleting and viewing operations over reports.

Improvements to document processing libraries across the UI control suites enable users to create, load and modify documents in a variety of formats, and enable seamless export and import of documents or conversion from one format to another, without having third-party tools installed. In addition, the Telerik Client Export Manager for ASP.NET AJAX enables users to export whole pages or specific HTML elements from sites and apps to PDF.

“Telerik DevCraft has taken our developer experience to the next level,” said Ben Hayat, Architect and Senior Software Developer, Micro Intelligence Corporation. “We’ve been able to significantly reduce development times and adopt agile development practices, enabling our team to accelerate mission-critical projects and create innovative new applications for desktop, mobile and web.”

For more details about the latest release of the Telerik DevCraft suite, please visit or register for the March 11 webinar at