Progress today announced the availability of Progress DigitalFactory, the only cloud-based digital transformation solution built for developers, IT administrators and marketers to collaborate on and deliver engaging customer experiences that meet the speed of business at a global scale.

According to Gartner, “The deepening and widening of digital business initiatives puts CIOs, chief data officers (CDOs) and digital leaders at the center of creating measurable new business value. These leaders are uniquely positioned to connect digital technology advances with emerging flexible business models to fuel growth. Digital technologies are expanding the value of traditional products and services by using data, content, algorithms, analytics and the connections between economic agents in a digital ecosystem.”1

Creating and optimizing digital properties at scale with speed, efficiency, proper governance and security–all while delivering a consistent, personalized customer experience–is a major challenge for marketers, developers and IT. Each group has unique concerns that must be addressed and managed effectively to drive business transformation forward. With the release of the Progress DigitalFactory solution, global multi-brand companies now have a solution to meet all of these requirements in order to stay competitive. Additionally, these large-scale businesses can now meet customer expectations with a consistent, personalized experience across all digital touchpoints.

“Some of the most well-known brands in the world are often part of a larger, highly complex ecosystem of business units, with hundreds of sub-brands and thousands of digital properties, each requiring real-time, dynamic content and a customizable, personalized end-user experience,” said Kevin Hourigan, President, Bayshore Solutions. “Customers expect a seamless experience—they don’t care how hard it is for you to create it. Built upon trusted, proven Progress technology, the Progress DigitalFactory solution solves this scalability challenge with support for decentralized execution with centralized governance.”

The DigitalFactory solution helps organizations engage customers in a meaningful way, resulting in greater conversion rates, increased loyalty and higher revenue. Unlike traditional solutions, Progress provides:

  • Optimal Customer Value – While others talk about “omni-channel” delivery but fail to provide an optimal experience across all channels, Progress DigitalFactory simplifies delivery including the ability to deliver native mobile capabilities using a single approach. Progress enables its customers to create new value, revenue and business results.
  • Digital and Business Agility – Existing approaches force organizations to squander market opportunities because they don’t deliver fast enough. Progress DigitalFactory overcomes the infrastructure challenges IT faces and fosters the marketing and technology collaboration necessary to deliver digital experiences at the speed of the business.
  • Global Brand Value – Traditional solutions are not designed for global scale, which leads to inconsistent experiences that tarnish the corporate reputation. Progress DigitalFactory supports the business and technology scale needed by organizations to deliver consistent experiences across different markets, products, services and regions.

“We spent the last year laying the foundation for Progress DigitalFactory, leveraging our skills and proven web content, mobility and data assets. We made an investment in the future of our customers, to better enable them to rapidly innovate by providing more advanced capabilities that drive business agility and governance,” said Michael Benedict, Chief Product Officer, Progress. “Progress DigitalFactory brings a cloud-based solution to market so technology and marketing teams can align, build and optimize customer experiences in a way traditional CMS and first-generation experience platforms simply can’t provide.”

Progress DigitalFactory is available today. For more information, go to