Prowess, a leader in IT management solutions and services, today announced the latest version of SmartDeploy Enterprise, the reliable solution for economical deployment of all versions of Windows, including Windows 7. SmartDeploy Enterprise is the hardware-independent imaging solution for all businesses that want to reduce the cost, time and IT level of effort required to perform OS and application deployment.
The new release features important updates to the underlying deployment environment. Most notably an upgrade to Windows PE 3.0 that gives customers even greater flexibility, easier integration with more IT management solutions, and more robust customization capabilities. Other improvements include a simplified evaluation and license activation process.
“Windows 7 has matured enough for organizations to seriously consider making the switch,” said Ian Song, IDC analyst. “With Windows 7, companies can fully leverage next generation technologies such as desktop virtualization and cloud services to maximize the usability, manageability and flexibility of their desktop environment, and thus ensure business agility.”
“Saving time and money on complicated, technical tasks is invaluable to businesses because they are able to focus on more strategic projects,” says Aaron Suzuki, CEO, Prowess. “SmartDeploy’s critical differentiator is the patent-pending hardware independence technology and imaging process that, together, reduce the effort and expertise that other deployment solutions require.”
Leveraging a wizard-driven interface that guides users through the steps, SmartDeploy is different than other migration tools because it does not require any dedicated infrastructure, networking, or hardware. SmartDeploy uses a virtual machine to build a custom reference computer that can include the OS and any desired applications. An image is then captured and subsequently deployed to any computer across the organization’s network with a single toolset, saving IT professionals on the time it takes to migrate to Windows 7 (or any version of Windows) at each individual workstation.
Additionally, driver packages for business-class computers are included as part of support and can be created by request if it isn’t already available. And because it is the only imaging solution licensed per IT technician rather than per desktop, SmartDeploy offers the best value for deployment to both desktops and servers.
By using the latest imaging technologies, less time is spent on transferring complex data, and the image library is significantly reduced by separating hardware from software images. The primary installation created as a virtual machine serves as a reference system, so network updates are easy to manage. By properly and frequently updating images, the risk associated with deployment is reduced and endpoint security improves.
SmartDeploy Enterprise supports all Windows operating systems from Windows 2000 SP4 forward, enabling maximum efficiency, compatibility and flexibility. SmartDeploy has a free, fully-functioning trial and related product resources located at
Pricing and Availability
SmartDeploy Enterprise is available immediately through its growing ecosystem of resellers or directly. Pricing starts at $2,295 per-technician for unlimited deployment and includes 1-year of basic support.