QASymphony announces the general availability of qMap, the industry’s first visual mapping solution for Agile testers of cloud, mobile, big data and IoT applications. In beta since April, qMap leverages data from QASymphony’s exploratory testing tool, qTest eXplorer, providing visual insight into features tested, by whom, bugs, testing time and defects related to critical functions of the application.

QASymphony is hosting a free webinar on Wednesday, August 5 at 2pm ET to discuss and demonstrate qMap. More details here.

qMap addresses a significant issue for software developers: the need to quickly identify high-risk areas in an application and resolve them before the release. qMap does this by tracking and analyzing testing results across systems, and compiling results in a heat map. This visual display allows development teams to quickly identify areas with a concentration of defects or gaps in testing coverage. Currently, software teams have to analyze long complex defect and testing reports to access critical risks to the application. This can be a manual and inefficient process that often causes deployment delays.

qMap shows testing data in the context of the application, by automatically generating a map of the screens in an application and overlaying test results onto it. For instance, the qMap visualization shows darker colors on screens where more bugs have been noted, making it easy to quickly identify the problem areas in the application. The product allows for filtering across a number of variables including time frame, sprint, tester, defect criteria (i.e. severity), and various configurable note types (concern, enhancement, etc.).

“qMap is a game changer for my team,” says Abdul Kahn, Senior Director eCommerce Delivery at Office Depot. “Not only does it provide real insights into the health of our applications, it also allows us to quickly solve issues when they occur. This is especially beneficial in delivering on our critical priorities, one of which is the realization of a new, state of the art eCommerce platform that we will launch in August of this year.”

“Testing is critical to delivering high-quality software during rapid release cycles. In this context, managers often need quick access to data summarizing progress and open risks in order to make release-level decisions,” says Vu Lam, co-founder of QASymphony. “qMap is unique in the market because it gives developers a real-time, graphical view of application quality. With qMap, DevOps can make the most accurate decisions on whether code is ready to be released.”

qMap is available with the qTest platform. For a free trial, visit