Quantivo, a leading provider of on-demand big-data analytics, today announced plans to offer big-data analytics to organizations of all sizes through a unique cloud-based architecture. Quantivo’s patented technology platform will enable customers to harness information that is today buried in big data at a fraction of the cost of competing offerings.

Quantivo enables users to explore their data for monetizable patterns, such as online behavior and customer experience, and marketing optimization. By making actionable data available rapidly, Quantivo will enable customers to use previously unavailable market intelligence to create new revenue streams and realize a significant return on investment, while driving their growth and profitability.

“The big issue with big data is that most customers are limited in their ability to understand both the extent of the data in their enterprise and what new analytics they need to be thinking about based on that data,” said Joshua Greenbaum, principal of Enterprise Applications Consulting. “This puts the onus on big-data analytics providers to take a solutions-centric approach to help customers drive value and solve business problems. Quantivo’s cloud-based analytics model helps customers on this journey by eliminating the complexity and lengthy ramp-up times associated with legacy solutions, enabling companies to take a more agile and cost-effective approach to their data and analytic requirements.”
Leveraging the power of Quantivo’s cloud-based analytics platform, business users will be able to execute queries using ‘train of thought’ analysis against billions of records, across disparate data sources faster than competing analytic offerings, gain immediate insight to identify patterns in their data, and scale the breadth of their processing and storage as needed, without incurring the traditional tradeoff between capping costs and maintaining superior performance.

To lead its next phase of growth, Quantivo has appointed Dave Robbins as CEO. Robbins, who most recently grew BigFix from start-up to emerging security powerhouse and drove its acquisition by IBM in February 2011, is widely credited for successfully introducing industry-disrupting technologies into fast-growing market segments. Robbins’ strategic growth plan for Quantivo, backed by solid venture investment and an executive team with more than 100 years of combined analytics experience, will focus on providing powerful analytics to the masses while delivering radical improvements in query speed, quality and usability. Quantivo’s cloud-based model is designed to offer companies exceptional time-to-value in big-data analytics.

“We see a huge market opportunity for addressing big-data analytics amidst the overall $24 billion business-analytics software market,” said Robbins. “The rise of big data, together with the unparalleled growth in the number of companies worldwide whose fortunes hinge on understanding business patterns and predicting trends, is creating an enormous opportunity. Contributing to this pent-up market demand is the rapidly increasing complexity and volume of data in most organizations. That data remains untouched simply because business users have been unable to analyze it with existing tools. In an information-driven economy, companies must turn that data into knowledge or they will fade away.”

Cloud-based analytics tools from Quantivo will empower users to combine offline and online data in a single, unified view and to analyze that data to detect patterns across multiple data sources. The Quantivo analytics platform is distinguished by a unique pattern-store data indexing model that compresses data while maintaining event-level detail. This enables true pattern analysis and the ability to query billions of data records in less than a minute.

Commensurate with Quantivo’s growth strategies, the company has expanded its workforce and moved to larger headquarters in Emeryville, California.